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Connecticut’s Undecided and Independent Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose:

-Biological Males Competing in Women’s Sports

-Oversexualization of Our School Children.


The Parents Against Stupid Stuff commissioned SPRY Strategies to conduct Connecticut statewide poll from 26th to July 28th.  1,038 likely voters responded via online mobile and interactive voice response (IVR) interviews. 


According to the survey, 80.4% of Connecticut’s undecided voters and 80.3% of Connecticut’s independent voters believe that it is not fair for biological males to compete in women’s sports. Furthermore, 80.9% of Connecticut’s undecided voters and 80.1% of Connecticut’s independent voters agreed that it is inappropriate for public school teachers to encourage middle school students to explore their sexual wants, desires, and boundaries. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%. 


Despite the overwhelming opposition of undecided and independent voters, Governor Lamont has refused to defend women’s sports and refused to investigate or condemn the sexually explicit “Pizza and Consent” lesson plan assigned in the Enfield School district this past spring.  


“Governor Lamont has staked out extreme and unpopular positions on issues that are important to Connecticut Parents,” said Sean Fieler, Chair, Parents Against Stupid Stuff. “Governor Lamont should have the courage to defend his positions or change them.  Avoiding the discussion is an insult to the Connecticut electorate.”


“Governor Lamont is unwilling to stand up to the extreme elements in his party,” said Tim Anop, Executive Director, Parents Against Stupid Stuff. “He has failed to protect girls’ sports in Connecticut, hoping that an unelected organization such as the C.I.A.C. (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) will make the decision for him.


Question: Earlier this year in Enfield, Connecticut, an 8th-grade teacher asked students to complete an assignment that was part of the approved curriculum describing pizza toppings that are used as metaphors for sexual acts and desires. Is it appropriate for public school teachers to ask about and encourage their middle school students to explore their sexual wants, desires, and boundaries?

Pizza Appropriateness Ballot Test.png

Question: Is it fair for biological males to compete in girl sports?

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